Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Third Culture Mom?

I'm sure you are wondering why I've named my blog Third Culture Mom so I'll explain a little.  I am what people (who give groups of people names) call a Third Culture Kid (TCK).  Third Culture Kid means that I came from one culture and grew up in another culture which was not my home culture/ passport culture.  I do not totally fit into the culture I grew up in and I do not totally fit into my passport culture so I fit into the group of a third culture.  You may be wondering now what culture I grew up in and what is my passport culture.  I grew up in Manila, Philippines and my passport country is the USA. 

I have labeled myself a Third Culture Mom because firstly I am a mom and because we (my family) are missionaries in the Philippines and so therefore I am raising my son in a Third Culture Mom.

So here is my family:
I plan on posting about many different things here on this blog as I am still learning how to sew and I am trying many different projects.  I hope to share some of our ministry here in Manila and some about our lives a missionaries.  Please stop by and check out what is going on here at Third Culture

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  1. Jessi, enjoyed reading an looking ( I always need visual). Now I think I can. Miss ya'll.
    Sorry I didn't get to see ya'll when you were down. I have been home bound since Sept .with two different back surgeries. I keep up with your post. Thanks, keep up the good work.