Monday, June 4, 2012

a short update...

Well here I am again posting and its probably been a month since my last here is the new news with us....Levi is getting bigger by the day and is very kicking me right now... :)  I love those little kicks but I'm not going to lie I'm not a fan of them at 4:30 am when he loves to wake me from my sleep...Reece is just as active as ever...but I guess I should expect that out of an almost two year old....his birthday is in July so just one more month...I've already started planning his Mickey Mouse Birthday goal is to have most of the supplies bought and the whole party planned by the time his birthday rolls around...We also have Father's Day is coming up so I'm trying to get some creative juices flowing on how to celebrate that with my hubby :)....I haven't really been doing any new food recipe trying lately as I find it hard to find the energy to do that after a day of playing with Reece who keeps me going all day I might add...Rainy season has officially started here which means just about every afternoon it rains for about an hour....but I am thankful that hot season is over since I am pregnant and my little oven going all the time was making me a little miserable there for awhile....I'm hoping to have a few new sewing tutorials coming up but first I have to get out and buy some fabric and some velcro for one project that I'm in the middle of...I've been working on exercising a little bit and stretching in preparation for Levi's arrival as I am hoping to have a VBAC this go round....I guess thats all really...hopefully I will get my act together and get some sewing done before Levi gets here because I know I wont get anything done after he arrives :) thanks for reading

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