Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Recent Activities

Well I know its been awhile but I thought I would catch you up on some of the things we have been doing lately :)  I have made a goal for myself to do more activities with Reece instead of just letting him play and watch here is a few pictures to let you see....

Marc surprised us with a trip to the Manila Ocean Park and Reece was in love :)

Today I tried out a Pinterest find 'Puffy Paint' well and Reece had a blast painting his shower :)  all it takes is some shaving cream, food color, and some paint brushes....

 He even painted my foot for me :)
Well there you go now you are up to date on whats been going on here...and if you missed it some how I am 20 weeks pregers with our second boy Levi....  He is due to arrive the end of september and we are very excited to be expecting again :)

talk to ya soon

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