Thursday, January 12, 2012

My awesome find...

Here in Manila we don't have a Joanns but we do have fabric markets :) which is interesting and don't get me wrong we do have fabric stores but the fabric markets are way cheaper and you can always find interesting prints...I found these awesome you recognize them?

Yup you guessed it... they are Vera Bradley....evidently the fabric is made here :)  lucky me that means there are leftovers :)  (i'm jumping for joy!!)  lol anyways  my living and dining area in my house is very bland at the moment and I knew it needed some color and this fabric is I went to town and made these for that area :)

this was by far the easiest sewing project I have done so far....all you do is cut our rectangles of the fabric and  of batting and then sew them together.  Then you cut one very long rectangle out of a coordinating fabric to make the table runner :) and you are done :)

anyways just had to share with you as I am totally in love :)


  1. Love! I just saw a bag made of this fabric and will be looking for some in our local market. :)

  2. Hi Jessi! Where did you get your fabric they look nice! :)

    1. I found this in the taytay fabric market. They have a pretty good selection there.