Monday, March 19, 2012

Hanging Plates?

We have been trying to figure out a good solution for some decorations in our living room and we could never seem to find the right thing that both of us agreed when we were on our date last Thursday we saw something that caught our eye...yes both of us thought this would be a great solution for one of the walls in our living room and then quickly decided that it would look good in our kitchen as here it is....  I loved the look of these plates and the little foam things they had stuck to them...we took this as our inspiration and went shopping the next day :)

We found some awesome plates for the kitchen and we couldn't have found a more perfect match for our living room...we love it!

so here was the process we choose how many plates we wanted to hang and had a rough idea of how we wanted to hang them...

here is my rough ideas :)

we decided on the one on the second pattern :) so as you can see i already had some newspaper ready and once we decided I traced the shape of the plates and made sure they were spaced out right...

I also marked where the lip of the plate was so we would know where to place most people would us those wire plate hangers or those awesome plate discs but we dont have those here and really drilling into cement walls nine times just isn't that fun...(all of our walls are made out of cement here the whole house is built like that)... so we opted for some awesome 3M tape stuff...

These are pretty strong...and don't worry we tested it out before we did the whole chance I was going to be woken up in the middle of the night to nine plates crashing to the next we attached our 3M tape to the plates and hung the newspaper on the wall....centered of course :)
Then I cut out little holes where the tape would go...and my awesome hubby stuck them all on the wall one by one :)

and this was our final product :)


What do ya think? I love them and the green is the perfect pop of color that our brown and tan living room needed :)  and 3 days into it no plates have fallen off the our next project the plates for the kitchen wall :)  I'm super excited to do that project :)

Oh and if you didn't get the notice we are expecting our second little bundle of joy in september so I'm sure I will have some baby projects on the way once we find out what we are having :)

thanks for reading

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